All Natural, Grass Fed, Charolais Cattle --

Our all natural grass fed Charolais Cattle are raised in the high basin of the Paunsaugunt Plateau at approximately 7,000 feet in elevation. Under the stunning red cliffs reminiscent of nearby Bryce Canyon National Park, Lucky 7 Ranch Charolais cattle range on nearly one thousand acres of diverse terrain including the winding Sevier River, irrigated pastures, exposed grasslands, and protected valleys.

The animals naturally mature producing a higher quality product. It takes approximately 30-36 months for Charolais cattle to mature without hormones or feedlot finishing. Grains (corn, wheat, barley, oats) are not a staple in a grass fed Charolais cattle diet. In the winter, our cattle forage and are supplemented by a locally grown grass and alfalfa mix.

Our society is becoming more health conscious and discerning individuals want to know the source of their food and the story behind the people providing it. Where historically local production was replaced by industrialized agriculture, today, local production is relevant again as consumers search for “real food”.

Our Charolais cattle are “home on the range” for approximately 2.5-3 years before they are ready for market. At the Lucky 7 Ranch, we are committed to providing the highest quality cattle available.

The Lucky 7 Ranch has been a continuously operating and working ranch since 1965. Located in Hatch, Utah on US Highway 89 it is spectacularly situated in close proximity to Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and Cedar Breaks National Monument. Four generations of the Walter Family have worked and played on the ranch. Since it’s founding in 1965, Lucky 7 Ranch has been a purebred Charolais cattle ranch.

Charolais cattle are offered in minimum lots of ¼, ½, and full interest at $975 per quarter. We accept orders until full for June or November delivery. A ¼ interest is approximately 275 lbs live weight and approximately 100 lbs of steaks, roasts, short ribs, and burger. A deposit of 50% of the estimated order amount is required to hold a reservation.

Contact Matt at 435.705.4107 to make your reservation.